Crime Statistics for Scunthorpe

Crime Statistics for Scunthorpe

All across the Scunthorpe area a number of horrifying crimes have rose including violent sex offences and burglaries. The police and local security companies have been keeping a close eye on all recorded figures over the years, to help tackle the rise in crimes. Over the 12 months ending in September there has been a small reduction in crime by one per cent. This represents 436 offences, however nationwide the overall crime level only dropped three per cent.

The recorded data shows a terrible increase, within all violent acts, from violence without injury rising 21 per cent and sexual offences climbing a further 15 per cent to burglary and shoplifting up nine per cent in Scunthorpe. The nationwide figures have seen further increases for these acts. Figures for the year ending last month seem to have decreased by one per cent. Other recordings have shown more reductions in other fields of crime from violence with injury down four per cent and vehicle crime decreasing by six per cent to theft sloping by ten per cent and criminal damage and arson falling by six per cent.

Police and Deputy Chief Constable David Griffin, who has been in charge and observing figures, states that these figures are good news in the Scunthorpe area. The slight decrease is a result from their dedicated team working extremely hard with many retailers and security companies to provide a fresh and more effective method when cracking down and tackling shoplifting by removing known offenders. 1st Security Solutions help with providing effective equipment and services that will in time eliminate crime.

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