Security Companies Doncaster

For an answer to a whole host of security related dilemmas, 1st Security Solutions are one of the best security companies to be found in Doncaster. We have a long and proud history serving a diverse client base, ranging from small business owners all the way up to large corporate organisations and high profile clients.

We operate day and night, often in difficult, stressful situations that require a great deal of expertise and flexibility to resolve. Nevertheless, we can ensure that any site is kept safe and secure, by identifying high risk areas and vulnerabilities and resolving them in a prompt and efficient manner.

Effective manned response

Our success is based around our people – we make sure to recruit resilient, reliable individuals through our vetting process, and ensure that they get the best training and on-site support possible in order for them to be successful. This means that we are in a position to supply SIA licensed security officers able to undertake a range of security-related activities, from CCTV monitoring all the way to event management and consultancy.

As part of our personalised approach to client security, our firm takes the time to listen to the concerns and requirements of our clients on an individual basis, and incorporates these into any security strategy we create. This, together with our highly trained security officers operating alongside the police and emergency service, provides a coordinated response with results that few security companies in Doncaster can match.

Range of Services

We supply specialist staff for a number of functions including:

  • Consultancy
  • Special Event Security
  • Event Management
  • Security Guarding
  • CCTV Installation & Monitoring

Our client base has taken in all manner of clients, ranging from small businesses up to high profile clients, each with their own particular requirements and needs. Our family run firm is one of only a few security companies in Doncaster that is large enough to guarantee an effective service, yet small enough to listen to our clients and take their views into account. Furthermore, we believe that security does not need to come with a high price tag, and all of our services are available at an affordable cost that makes our service highly economical.

Training Solutions

If you’re looking to develop your staff, we are providers of some of the best training packages you’ll find among any security company throughout Doncaster. As a market leader in staff training, our training division has arranged training programmes for over 50% of our current client base.