Manned Guarding Doncaster

Although technical support, products and services can greatly improve on-site security, often there is simply no substitute for experienced, trained and motivated individuals when it comes to reducing and in some cases preventing crime. 1st Security Solutions has SIA approved contractor status, and our staff can make the difference, providing effective, decisive manned guarding throughout Doncaster that can resolve a number of potential scenarios.

In the past we have worked with many differently sized companies, each with its own priorities and needs, in a successful and decisive manner. We’ve covered shops, offices and warehouses, as well as factories, car parks and other high traffic areas, with the presence and attention to detail needed to maintain a safe and secure environment on a consistent basis. Our SIA licenced security officials work in stressful circumstances every day of the week and can adapt to difficult problem or situation, something that security equipment alone cannot match.

Regular Patrols

Not only is manned guarding in Doncaster a means of detecting and resolving crime, but it can also be a means of preventing it, acting as a powerful deterrent – individuals and groups think twice when they see a clearly visible security professional on standby. Static guards can provide on-site protection up to 24 hours a day if necessary, whilst regular patrols can also be effective in reducing the incidence of crime at only the fraction of the cost of static guards.

Our proactive approach to security minimises the potential for damage or loss of property, and provides our clients with the essential information needed to make quick informed decisions.

Customer-centred, people-oriented approach

The success we enjoy here at 1st Security Solutions is based on our people-oriented approach to security, with our recruitment, vetting and training among the very best out there today. By investing our staff with all the experience and training they need to succeed, we can ensure that all of our manned guarding in Doncaster is done to the highest possible standard.

1st Security Solutions works closely with our clients to resolve any risks or vulnerabilities that our clients may be in danger of, with a customised service that is tailored to the specific requirements of each individual customer. In addition, all our manned guards in Doncaster are trained to work closely with the police and emergency service when required.