Crime Awareness in York

Crime Awareness in York

Between late June through to early July thousands of pounds have been stolen by tricksters in the York area. These fraudsters have been charming many old age pensioners, in order to take bank cards and pin numbers. CCTV images have been captured of the criminals using an elderly couples bank card. They have struck at least seven times, pretending to be from banks and even utility companies. Which once they have those all important details they have been known to steal the cards whilst the victims sleep.

1st Security Solutions can help catch the fraudsters and assist bringing them to justice. Some of the criminals have also been caught taking to extreme disguises of the opposite sex and need to be stopped. 1st Security Solutions operate a professional service within the York area and strongly advise anyone with any security concerns to not hesitate to contact us for a no obligation security survey.

For many years 1st Security Solutions have helped many people and businesses in York feel safe and secure with not simply placing one CCTV unit in one place but assessing a wide area and analysing every possible situation to ensure you receive the best methods and equipment. Our CCTV equipment can help capture clear images of any crime taking place, which in turn helps in putting a stop to many more crimes taking place.

You should also be very wary with personal details and should never discuss those details over the phone, however if you hear or see anything suspicious you should phone your local police station and report it to prevent more trouble arising.

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