When it comes to Grantham’s security needs and requirements, which can be many and varied in nature, 1st Security Solutions is committed to providing a well-trained and motivated team of experts to meet the security needs of clients.

Consider the recent incident in Grantham town centre. On Sunday 16th March, Tollemache Inn was cordoned off for over six hours from 4 am onwards, whilst a police investigation was carried out into reports of a possible mugging that had occurred that evening.

The alleged crimes concern two men, although a potential third could have been involved. The two men are accused of two counts of robbing an amount of cash, as well as possessing a number of knives and an offensive weapon in a public place – in this case, a baton. It should be stressed that the police have given a statement which indicates that no one was injured during the incident.

Given that this type of situation is becoming increasingly commonplace, compromising security in Grantham, a proactive solution could go a long way to preventing future crimes. As a family run business, 1st Security Solutions provides a highly professional service but it is small enough to care on an individual basis, and has a reputation for communicating honestly with its clients.

Our Managing Director, Tony Sheppeck, an ex serviceman, has over 25 years of progressive experience in the security industry, and can supply peace of mind to a client base ranging from small businesses to high profile clients.

In his view, security in Grantham as much as anywhere else is about people, with the most important point being the quality of staff. That is why 1st Security Solutions is a market leader in the fields of recruitment, vetting, licensing and training, and provides an on-going support of its security teams that is second to none.

If any residents or business owner in Grantham are at all concerned about security needs, do not hesitate to get in contact, either by phone or on their website, for a range of comprehensive security services.