1st Security Solutions Ltd is proud to announce that our very own Managing Director, Tony Sheppeck, has been nominated for this year’s Goodwill Charity Award, an annual award that recognises exceptional charitable work on the part of the nominee or charity.

As part of UK Recognition Day, The Goodwill Charity is an award specifically designed to highlight the good deeds of charities showing exceptional merit in pursuit of their goals, and recognises those who perform acts of kindness to the benefit of many.

With such a vast range of charities committed to performing acts of generosity and kindness in the local area it is only fitting that these charitable organisations can be recognised in some way, and this is one of the key aims of UK Recognition Day.

The criteria for the awards states that each nominee must to be established within the chosen area and to be recognised as a legitimate charity within that area.

Simply to be recognised and nominated for an award represents a huge achievement and reflects many of the achievements made not just by Tony but also by close friends, family and 1st Security Solutions staff over the course of the past year. The good work and activity of many have helped sponsor a number of important causes in the area, including the Weston Park Cancer Hospital Charity Hospital, and it is on behalf of all of these people that the nomination represents.

The awards ceremony itself takes place on the 20th January 2016 at Doncaster Mansion House and promises to bring together a group of outstanding charitable organisations and individuals who, each in their own way, have contributed enormously towards a wide range of causes and issues throughout the local area.