In today’s hectic modern environment, having a decisive workforce capable of dealing with all manner of security related issues can be a huge advantage when faced with challenging decisions on a daily basis. In shops, offices, warehouses and showrooms, many employers in Doncaster seek us out not because of our security guarding services but for our renowned training packages – in fact, over half of our current clients engage with our training division on a regular basis.

Having helped clients ranging from small companies and businesses all the way up to large corporate organisations with many employees, we have any number of useful programmes teaching information and skills that a workforce can usefully put into practice, making them a more efficient outfit.

From one day first aid boosters to conflict management and dispute resolution, as well as our own trainer development programmes, we can invest groups with the real world knowledge they need to succeed in unfamiliar, critical or hostile situations, all whilst working within the framework of the law and to the highest possible standards.

Based in our head office in Doncaster, our experienced training staff, headed by Chris Mellor, can deliver a customer service that’s second to none, rating amongst the finest security training providers across the security industry, and working with accredited organisations and city guilds. All this means that our bespoke training programmes produce employees capable of thinking on their feet, with the skills and confidence to remain calm and collected even in a high pressure situation. We also train people to identify potential danger before it develops, allowing employees to better manage challenging work environments.

With a wide ranging portfolio of training packages and services making us a market leader in staff development, by investing in employees to produce well trained, properly motivated individuals that act as a team, and giving them the support and advice they need to thrive, being able to adapt and diversify in order to overcome any number of stressful or adverse circumstances.

For more information, call us on 0808 108 0525 or visit the training section of our website.