Lunt Fort Roman Gathering

Lunt Fort Roman Gathering

Being able to respond appropriately to a diverse range of events is one of the cornerstones of 1st Security Solutions, and we have a proud track record when it comes to delivering reliable and dedicated security services for all manner of occasions and venues. In the past we have successfully provided SIA trained staff for race courses, stadiums, concerts and county show grounds, all to the highest possible standards.

When it came to the Lunt Fort Roman Gathering, we knew that the best way to proceed was to take an individual approach, taking into account the individual requirements that an event such as this may present. This year, the event was scheduled for the weekend of 14th-15th June, located as ever in the village of Baginton near Coventry, and featured historical re-enactments from three separate groups, the Batavians, the 2nd Augusta Legion and the Colchester Historical Society.

Being fully prepared for any eventuality was essential for making sure that the weekend passed without a hitch, and we worked closely with the event organisers, ensuring that all their targets were met and passing on our skills and expertise where necessary. This meant that on both days, guests of all ages were able to enjoy fully armoured military groups carrying out drills and demonstrations as well as spectacles in the main arena that included enthralling gladiator contests and Celtic warrior training.

With crafts and hands-on activities for children and enthusiasts alike, any visitors were able to make the most of the activities on show in a safe, secure and welcoming environment, with a security team that interacted seamlessly with members of the public, making sure that any problems were resolved promptly and decisively.

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