Christmas Home Security: Beat the Burglar with these ten tips

Christmas Home Security: Beat the Burglar with these ten tips

The build up to Christmas is a wonderful time as we all purchase gifts for our family and loved ones. Unfortunately, the expensive devices we buy such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets and valuable accessories such as jewelry provide much temptation for burglars. The Christmas and New Year period always sees the number of home burglaries increase dramatically as would be thieves know that many houses are stocked with all manner of Christmas goodies.

We have compiled a simple and informative guide to help you keep your home secure throughout the holidays.

1. Decorative lighting. Many people love to adorn their property with festive lighting over Christmas. As wonderful as lights look, they can also negatively impact your home’s security. It is not uncommon for people to leave windows partially open in order to feed electrical cables to an interior power source. This is a habit that most burglars are aware of and is one of the first signs of weakness they look for. To be sure of preventing any unwanted access to your home, it is wise to invest in outdoor electrical outlets and battery or solar operated lighting.

2. Employ effective deterrents. Thieves look for the easiest opportunities. They are discouraged by properties that are highly visible and well-equipped with security. Exterior motion sensor floodlights and clear indication that your possessions are registered with security firms serve as highly effective deterrents. Burglars do not want to draw attention to themselves and goods and items that can be traced are often not worth the risk.

3. Secure all windows and access points. Statistics reveal that an alarming 30% of homes are accessed through windows. It is a good idea to upgrade your security with the installation of new hinges and strong dead bolts.

4. Careful disposal of gift packaging is essential. As schedules for refuse collections alter over the holiday season there can often be extended periods of time before your rubbish is taken away. Ensure that packaging is securely folded and enclosed to avoid advertising of the new goods in your property, keep boxes inside until you can visit a recycling plant and place rubbish outside as close to your collection point as possible.

5. Ensure your identity is protected. It is crucial to conceal your identity and personal details from would be thieves so never dispose of receipts and important paperwork without shredding them beforehand.

6. Decrease visibility. Exposed properties are a burglar’s dream so make sure all blinds, drapes and curtains are closed completely at night. If you are heading out for the evening you can invest in affordable timers that will activate at different intervals and create the illusion of occupancy.

7. Plan ahead if you are spending Christmas away. If you are travelling elsewhere for Christmas it is important to ensure your absence is not advertised. Cancel all newspaper deliveries and any other subscriptions. Ask a friendly neighbour to perhaps park on your driveway at times as well as pick up your mail and avoid any announcements of your holiday on answering machines and social media sites.

8. Don’t make it easy for thieves. Burglars are aware of the habits of homeowners so it is important to avoid making common mistakes. Never conceal spare keys under rocks, pots or garden accessories. Entrust a neighbour or friend with spare keys and if your property is alarmed, be sure to set it before you leave. Many people do not bother turning on their alarm systems and this is something that burglars know and are often able to exploit.

9. Lock all exterior buildings. Ensure all outdoor storage spaces such as garages and sheds are as secure as possible. Remove all tools and ladders as well as any other implement that could be used to gain entry to your home. Store all valuable items in securely locked enclosures and invest in extra strong padlocks.

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