1st Security Solutions Ltd is off the mark in 2015 with our first new contract! We are proud to welcome Emsley Crane Hire Limited as our latest client, and we anticipate a long and fruitful relationship with a well established, independent firm, whose longstanding reputation speaks of innovation and reliability in everything they do. Our dedicated, SIA-licensed team of security officials are looking forward to liaising and working directly with the employees and management staff at Emsley Crane Hire in order to deliver the best possible security for their depot in Doncaster.

Whilst new technology can deter criminal activity to an extent, a proactive approach has always been and will always be our focus, and we believe that in terms of site safety and security there is simply no match for properly trained, experienced and licensed security staff. The presence of mobile patrols and targeted searches can be enough to deter criminals altogether, and can be an invaluable first line of defence.

However, many companies simply do not have the time or resources to fully protect their property and assets. 1st Security Solutions works with companies of all sizes who are seeking to outsource their site security, providing well trained, motivated manpower where it is needed most. In places like warehouses, factories, shops and depots, our security and manned patrolling staff work night and day, with additional solutions and support on hand 24/7 and managers kept informed of their security status in real time.

All that is left is to get on with the job at hand, and we eagerly anticipate a challenging and fulfilling time spent working with Emsley Crane Hire Limited to maintain their security whatever the circumstances.