Reports are continuing to emerge from nightclubs and bars across the UK of men and women being targeted with harmful injections on nights out, with the latest incident involving a mum and celebrating together.

The dangerous trend, which renders many victims helpless and with little clue as to what occurred the previous night, save for a telltale needle mark, can lead to blackouts, uncontrollable vomiting and a dangerous, uncontrollable situation. Victims are often unable to walk, talk or even hold themselves upright.

Police have urged partygoers to be vigilant and look out for one another on a night out. The situation has reinforced the need for venues to look for well-trained, licensed door staff who can provide a reassuring point of contact for those who have witnessed such events or are out with a person who falls victim to this terrifying craze.

As bars and clubs look forward to a busy festive season, with many looking to make up for last year’s muted Christmas activities, due to covid, crowds will become more of a regular scene. This can create the perfect situation for such illegal activities and owners are encouraged to make every provision to ensure their patrons are able to have a fun night out safely and without fear.