Arson at Goldthorpe flats

Arson at Goldthorpe flats

Police are urgently appealing for information following a suspected arson attack at a block of flats in Goldthorpe during the night of October 4th. At around 11:30pm, the fire quickly engulfed a large area within a short space of time, meaning that a number of residents of the flats on Barnsley Road had to be promptly evacuated.

Whilst no one was hurt, police are keen to stress that some £75,000 of damage was incurred to property as a result of the fire, which they believe began in one of the two cars parked in the underground parking facility beneath the flats.

Both of these cars were completely destroyed as a result of the fire, and many of the evacuated cannot return to their homes until they have been made safe by the proper authorities, meaning that these residents have had to be rehomed.

Incidents like the one on Barnsley Road not only underline how dangerous arson can clearly be, but also how detrimental its long-term effects can be on its victims. As well as the obvious cost of lost property, the offenders here have caused a great deal of distress to residents, and some of the items destroyed were of important sentimental value.

However, this incident was just one of a large number of arson attacks taking place in the South Yorkshire area in the past month, which really the emphases the lax attitude taken by perpetrators towards the dangerous nature of fire. Police are urging people to exercise vigilance in trying to reduce the threat of fire damage.

Anyone with any information on this specific incident can contact the police directly and quote incident number 1 of the 4th October 2014.

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