It’s one of the most endearing symbols of Christmas, guaranteed to bring festive cheer to any home but, in shocking scenes released online, without proper maintenance the traditional Christmas tree can prove a serious fire risk.

In a side-by-side comparison of real trees catching fire, the maintained watered tree keeps the fire relatively at bay, while the tree that has a less than 10% moisture content catches fire within a minute and quickly engulfs the room.

In the UK alone, there were over 1,000 injuries caused by Christmas trees, with over 50 relating to Christmas tree fires. Data gathered by also shows that if the worst did happen, the 49% of those surveyed have no fire safety equipment in their homes.

To ensure your tree is as safe as possible, be sure to check your fairy lights regularly for fraying or proximity to water, and avoid placing the tree next to your fireplace, or other heat sources. If you love the idea of candles on your tree for a traditional, luxury look, consider sourcing battery-powered alternatives for a stunning finish without the fire hazard.

Also ensure that your tree is placed in a stand that will allow you to keep it regularly hydrated, much as you would flowers, and remember trees get thirsty – make a note to water them every day! While an artificial tree may seem the safer choice, they can still prove hazardous if overloaded with too many electrical lights.

While we wish all of our visitors the best for the festive season, follow our tips to keep your home safe and secure throughout Christmas and into 2022.