South Yorkshire Police Remind People about the Herbert Protocol

As part of World Alzheimer’s Month, taking place throughout September, South Yorkshire Police have issued a notice to people in South Yorkshire reminding them about the Herbert Protocol, a national scheme designed to help people living with dementia.

The Protocol encourages carer’s, family and friends of those suffering with dementia to put together useful information which could aid the police in the event that a vulnerable person does go missing.

Interested parties can fill out a form in advance providing police with vital information about a vulnerable person that can be used to locate them if the worst should happen. Carer’s and/or relatives can provide details covering contact numbers, mobility, places of interest, medical status and medication that the individual may be taking. You can also provide a photograph and include information about where the person was last seen.

The form is completely confidential and can be handed to police in the event that a vulnerable person goes missing – this is the only circumstance whereby the information contained will ever be used. Police will never ask for it at any other times.

In the event, the Herbert Protocol ensures that police officers can gain access to vital information quickly, aiding in their search of the vulnerable person.

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