Service Pledge

A guaranteed level of support

Our “Service Pledge” sets us apart from other security service providers, as 1st Security guarantees that they will support their sites effectively. Unlike an SLA , our Service Pledge is more to do with the way the operation is managed and the perception of our service by the various categories of customers that we come across whilst fulfilling our role.

Here we have outlined a typical Pledge definition that promises that we will communicate ~ communicate with our people, communicate with our Clients on a regular planned basis, and where appropriate, with the Public.

The 1st Security Service Pledge – unique in the provision of Doncaster based security services


As circumstances often change, we call our client weekly to check that we are delivering the current requirement. Twice weekly on-site visit by Mobile Supervisors across all shifts plus ad hoc management visits.


Review Meeting with Day to Day Client regarding Assignment Instructions, Health & Safety and Incident Reporting.


Complete Operational Review undertaken with written Reports to include assessment of incidents and suggestions for process improvements.


Annual Review document presented including proposed budget.